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PRODUCTS Jolee Jolee 7245

Jolee 7245

INCI Polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate
CAS number 90431-25-7
Physical form Liquid
Specialty Cold process, lipstick stabilizer
Formulations Skin
    Long-term moisturizing face serum
    Sulfate-free mild face foaming
    Raspberry gloss
    High covering lipstick
    Creamy shower milk
    Make-up remover
    Sulfate-free mild face foaming
    Long lasting leave-on conditioner
    Mustache wax
    Shower cream
    Sun cream SPF30

As Jolee 7245 is compatible with pigments, oils and waxes, it is highly recommended to be used as a lipstick stabilizer. For lipsticks in particular Jolee 7245 plays an important role in enhancing the consistency, the durability and the pay-off of the lipstick. Jolee 7245 is liquid at room temperature and thus a perfect match for hot as well as cold process methods.