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PRODUCTS Jolee Jolee 7798

Jolee 7798

INCI Propylene glycol diheptanoate, hydrogenated dilinoleyl alcohol (and) ethylcellulose (1000 cSt)
Physical form Liquid
Specialty High viscosity silicone-like product
Formulations Men

Jolee 7798 is a patented blend combining dimerdiol and ethyl cellulose with our light silicone alternative Jolee 7202 (Propylene glycol diheptanoate). This combination creates a viscous emollient (1000 cSt) with an easy spread and soft after feel comparable with dimethicones. This innovative emollient is recommended as a replacements for dimethicones with the desired viscosity because you can play around with Jolee 7798 and Jolee 7202 covering a broad range of viscosities. Due to the high compatability with oils, esters, pigments and UV filters, it can be used in all types of applications.