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Hit all the right sensory notes with Jolee® 7777’s emulsifier package

At Oleon Health and Beauty, we are putting the WOW factor back in in your formulations with our innovative multiple emulsion, emulsifier package.

As progressive and sustainable ingredient developers for the beauty and personal care industries, we know that texture, touch, and smell are just some of the key sensory aspects that can influence a consumer’s purchasing choice.

These deliverables can have a significant impact on the perceived quality of a product and increasingly, appealing to the senses is viewed as important as a product’s performance and functionality. Creating a memorable product experience will enable brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level and build strong brand loyalty.1

Selecting the right emulsifier to hone your final product’s initial ‘feel experience’ can sway consumer choice. Sensory factors are often linked to functionality – another key consideration during the product selection process. Color, texture, and smell can set up an expectation in the mind of the consumer, based on their previous experience2 and modifying a specific sensory attribute can result in a significantly altered performance rating and sales.

Texture for instance plays a huge role in the perception of a product’s performance: thickness can lead to the observation that a product is an excellent moisturiser, while lower viscosity in a product is often perceived to be ‘watered down’ and therefore less effective.3  

Enter Jolee® 7777…

Our innovative emulsifier package, Jolee® 7777, contains both water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsifiers to form multiple emulsions where both applications exist simultaneously.

This combination enables a sensorial change during application. The initial oil-in-water emulsion offers a light sensory feel followed by the nourishing finish that water-in-oil emulsions are known for.

As an optimised emulsifier blend, Jolee® 7777 enables the formulation of water-in-oil-in-water (WOW) products in just one step. Under the right preparation conditions and with an optimised water and oil phase, multiple emulsions with high stability can be obtained.

Jolee ®7777 also functions as a liquid emulsifier package. This means that it can meet the requirements for cold process formulations with a significant impact on energy use and time savings - important in today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving product development space.

Further boosting its sustainability credentials, our emulsifier package offers a stellar natural profile as it is sourced from all natural plant-based materials and is readily biodegradable, in line with our focus on a green chemistry.


For water-in-oil-in-water (WOW) emulsions Jolee® 7777 features the following benefits:

  • Acts as a cold process emulsifier
  • Offers excellent surface diffusion
  • Is easily spread
  • Ensures a velvety and powdery after-feel
  • Imparts a slight shine
  • Is a natural alternative to light silicones
  • Can function as a multiple emulsion in one emulsification step

The combination of both water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsifiers enables WOW multiple emulsion to be formed by simply adding the oil phase, which contains the emulsifier package, to the water phase of a formulation.

When an emulsion made with Jolee® 7777 is spread on the skin, a clear transition is observed. The first impression is the external oil-in-water emulsion, which spreads easily with a water feel. Near the end of the spreading, the second impression is the internal water-in-oil emulsion that forms a nourishing film on the skin. As Jolee® 7777 consists of non-oily components, it is also ideal for formulation in liquid moisturising sprays.

During the development of sun care products, the expectation is that the product must stay on the skin even after water exposure or perspiration. Creating a WOW emulsion with Jolee® 7777 will not only improve film forming properties but also the water resistance of your formulation, when compared with a regular oil in water emulsion.

So why not consider Jolee® 7777 during the formulation of your next moisturizing or sun care product?

For additional formulation advice simply click here for our formulation guidelines or contact our team at www.oleonhealthandbeauty.com



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Green Chemistry is the heart of our company. We use bio-based materials to supply our customers with the most environment-friendly and safe products.

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