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Is hydrated skin the route to a healthy holobiont & skin microbiome?

The ‘holobiont’ is set to become one of the biggest trends in the beauty and skincare industry in 2023. The term refers to the interaction between a host organism and its microbial system, typically found in the gut or on the skin.

This unique ecosystem is composed of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses, phages, and mites,1 and as the science behind the importance of a healthy skin microbiome evolves, so has our long-held view of the three skin layers to now include a fourth, the holobiont.

From a skincare point of view, the relationship between the skin microbiome and holobiont is starting to reveal its secrets - offering fantastic beauty and skincare formulation opportunities. This is particularly true when it comes to the development of natural and sustainable hydrating ingredients and moisturizing products that can keep this delicate ecosystem in equilibrium.

We know that the skin is our body’s largest organ, acting as a functional barrier against pathogens. Its healthy functioning rests on the composition of a well-balanced population of symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms that interact with each other and with human cells.

The surface of the skin is a hive of different microorganism activity, but exposome and internal stress can result in an imbalance in the collaboration between the holobiont and the skin microbiome. This could result in significant damage, affecting the skin’s appearance and protective function.3

This discrepancy in the balance of the microbiome and holobiont is also associated with inflammatory skin issues, barrier function alteration, dryness, dandruff, skin ageing, and a major contributor to eczema, acne, rosacea, atopic skin, and psoriasis.4 But the good news is that the development of the right topical product formulation could go far in offsetting damage! And at Oleon Health and Beauty our range of Jolee® emollients can assist in building the right product for your application needs.

A healthy skin is a hydrated skin

In the beauty, cosmetic and personal care industries, hydrating products are developed for everyday use to maintain a smooth and healthy skin. The skin and microbiome are so interrelated that if you help the skin to feel more nourished, the functioning of the microbiome will also be enhanced.7


One of the most important products in a skincare regime is an effective hydrating solution. These could include moisturizers, serums, and lotions. Emollients such as linolenic and lauric acid can help in smoothing the surface of the skin, filling the spaces between skin cells where there has been a loss of moisture. Conversely, humectants in moisturizers help attract moisture to the skin while lanolin, silicone, and mineral oil help seal moisture into the skin. They also form a protective barrier to reduce damage from environmental factors and in this way protect the microbiome.8 Not all moisturizers are created equal though, and it is important to match your product formulations with different consumer skin types to offer the right level of barrier protection required by your customer.

How can we help?

At Oleon Health and Beauty, our emollient portfolio ranges from heavy to very light emollients to match the sensorial and textural effect you require during new product development. The Jolee® range offers unique, natural, and highly innovative emollients that stop evaporation, protect the skin barrier, and offer fantastic elasticizing and lubricating effects for a smooth and soft body feel!  Some of our top picks include:

Jolee® 7750

  • natural emollient and light ester with silicone-like sensorial properties
  • readily biodegradable
  • suitable for cold and hot processes

Jolee® 7181

· fully biodegradable isosteric acid ester

· non-greasy protective emollient with a glossy finish

· excellent for use in sun care formulations

Jolee® 7244

  • water dispersible emollient for mild formulations with effective cleansing properties
  • decreases the concentration of surfactants needed in formulations
  • made from renewable raw materials and biodegradable

Jolee® 7202

  • natural emollient with silicon-like sensorial properties
  • excellent spread, absorption, and unique lightness
  • silicone alternative suitable for cold or hot processes

Jolee® 7380

  • isosteric derivatives with a characteristic emollient feel
  • a non-greasy and soft skin feel
  • highly substantive lipid film that leaves a glossy appearance on the skin

Why not talk to our team to gain a better understanding of the science behind this unique microsystem and see first-hand how our range of skin-friendly products can assist you in developing new products for this growing market? Simply click here for more information or to talk to our team today!



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