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Marmalade sunscreen: Putting the fun back into sun care!

Mousses, patches, shimmering gels, feathering mists… when it comes to sun care innovation, this year has certainly seen a spike in new product launches that can answer consumer demand - not only for fresh and funky formulations, but solutions that can fit shoppers’ unique lifestyle requirements.

The good news is that at Oleon Health and Beauty, we have taken the guesswork out of tracking the latest trends. Our unique horizon scanning capability means that we can offer our customers the very latest trends, product requirements, and solutions available in the skin, sun, and personal care sectors.

This year we are continuing to push our sunscreen innovations even further as seen with our latest stunning marmalade sunscreen formulation.

True innovation

The two standout products in the marmalade sunscreen formulation are Radia® 7799 rheological modifying agent and Jolee® 7202, a natural emollient with silicon-like sensorial properties, which bring a unique textural and sensorial feel to the product. While it initially presents a fun, jelly-like consistency in the container, once applied and spread on the skin, it transforms into a gorgeous and sensorially pleasing sunscreen product.

Not only is this product a fantastic alternative to traditional thick white lotions, but with its wonderfully alluring citrus scent, it is also the perfect sun care solution for those heady summer days.

Read on as we unpack some of the functional benefits of these two ingredient solutions in the formulation of our latest sun protection product …

Radia® 7799

The formulation for marmalade sunscreen allows the rheological properties and functionality of Radia® 7799 to shine. Not only does it act as a natural viscosity enhancer, but when used as the base in a formulation, creates a fantastic jelly texture and consistency. In addition, its strong shear thinning properties mean that the product can act like a gel at room temperature, however, as soon as the product is applied to the skin, the shear rate increases, and viscosity drops.

This allows the product to evenly spread on the skin. Used as an innovative base product to create highly viscous and stable formulations, while keeping transparency for all kinds of oil-based, waterless, and natural formulations, is where Radia® 7799 excels!

For ease of use, Radia® 7799 presents as a ready-to-use system, and its pre-formulated blend is designed to easily incorporate into cosmetic formulations. It is also the ideal product to use as a rheological modifier during the development of transparent stick formulations.

Jolee® 7202

This silicone alternative is experienced as slightly oily upon application but finishes with a unique powdery after-feel in combination with excellent UV-filter solubility.

This allows for a great dispersion of UV filters in sunscreen formulations. With an SPF of 40, our marmalade sunscreen formulation is a high-impact solution that can offer consumers the stellar sun protection they require.

As dermatologists and medical practitioners continue to see a rapid increase in dangerous skin melanomas, particularly among the young, the importance of impactful and proven sun care cannot be stressed enough.

Consumers will continue to hit the beach and the great outdoors in record numbers, so why not get creative and formulate new products with our Radia® and Jolee® ranges and put the fun back into sun care this summer?

Contact our Health and Beauty team today for more information or contact us for formulation guidelines. Simply click here to chat with one of our team members.

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