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Slugging: the hydration trend you don’t want to miss out on

Beautiful hair is a goal for most consumers, across all genders and age groups. Research now suggests that consumers put as much care and money into their hair care routines as they do on their skincare regimens.

This fact is echoed by market analyst Mordor Intelligence, who notes that the hair care market is expected to grow from $87.39bn in 2023 to $104.60bn by 2028, a CAGR of 3.66%1. This makes the haircare market potentially very lucrative for brands and retailers.

If your customers are looking for smoother, shinier, and nourished hair, your brand can now respond with formulations that offer intense nourishment - ideal for the latest in moisture-trapping hair solutions that can hydrate and detangle.

Slugging & intense hydration

While intense treatments using hair oil have been around for centuries, slugging is a modern spin on luxurious hydration that is taking social media, and particularly TikTok, by storm.

Slugging involves searing up your haircare with moisture-trapping occlusive and hydrating agents, with enviable results. The science behind this treatment is based on boosting moisture levels to eliminate frizz while adding fantastic shine by locking in moisture.

The need for quick, easy, and affordable solutions that address next-level hydration and nourishment means that slugging is an ideal treatment for luscious hair. This intense routine can effectively banish hair breakage and dryness while boosting hydration and shine, particularly for hair stressed by lifestyle, chemical treatment, or environmental factors.

It is super easy to do too. Individuals simply apply a heavy conditioner or oil all over their hair and cover it tightly with a wrap, leaving the treatment on overnight. The increased heat under the tight wrap helps the product penetrate the scalp skin and hair cuticle. This is ideal for appearance-conscious but time-poor consumers - allowing them to effectively style and manage frizzy, difficult, and easy-to-tangle hair.

How we can help

Manufacturers are continually looking to expand their product portfolios by incorporating intense hydrating ingredients in their hair care products, particularly if these ingredients are sustainably produced and offer a clean label positioning.2

At Oleon Health and Beauty, our team is on hand to help you formulate new and exciting products including hair oil tonics, serums, and masks – ideal for the slugging revolution!

Our focus on ‘a greener chemistry’ means that, wherever possible, we use bio-based materials to supply our customers with sustainable and safe products that combine high performance with ready biodegradability.

Take our Jolee® 7750 for hair conditioning properties. This product is derived from natural bio-based ingredients, offering a cleaner label. It offers excellent spreadability and sensory attributes, low viscosity and quick absorption, a fantastic silicone feel, and great skin compatibility.

We know how important beautiful hair is to consumers as a physical manifestation of their personal and unique style.

Our dedicated team can assist you formulate products that are sustainably produced to meet the unique and exacting requirements of your customers. Simply visit www.oleonhealthandbeauty.com for more information.


1,2 Hair Care Market - Trends, Analysis, Segmentation & Share (mordorintelligence.com)

Green Chemistry is the heart of our company. We use bio-based materials to supply our customers with the most environment-friendly and safe products.

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