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Take care of your skin and boost your mental health!

When it comes to beauty and skincare rituals, acts of self-care can offer much more than just a gorgeous appearance. It helps us to slow down, to focus on living in the moment, and shuts out the noise of an increasingly frenetic and busy life.

Until recently, the relationship between mental health and beauty and skincare was not fully understood. But as the science behind this link continues to grow, beauty scientists and health and wellness gurus are discovering numerous positives and confirming what we have suspected for a long time: that beauty routines could have a meaningful effect on our mental health and physical wellbeing1.

At Oleon Health and Beauty, developing ingredients that can take care of your skin is our priority. We understand that as the largest organ in the human body, the skin is the first line of protection against external elements, contributing and regulating critical functions in the human body, over and above simple aesthetics.

Healthy skin is uncompromised skin and keeping this asset in tip top condition must include good nutritional choices, getting enough sleep and focusing on physical exercise as part of a skincare regime.2

And the benefits are numerous: Taking time out to look after our skin can help us to feel better about ourselves, raise our self-esteem and foster a positive self-image. The gentle act of routine skincare can also reduce the production of cortisol, which could impact on skin inflammation and issues such as eczema and acne. In addition, instilling regular and consistent habits to take care of this incredible asset will help the skin to function optimally as we all face inevitable changes during the process of aging.3

Read on as we unpack four reasons why you should start a beauty and skincare ritual and boost your mental health today.

  1. Break negative patterns self-care can limit anxiety by inducing a sense of mindfulness and buffer against depression as it allows the brain to ‘unhook’ from unhealthy spiraling patterns
  2. Skincare products can boost our mooddon’t underestimate the importance of using products that you enjoy with a fantastic sensorial and textural feel!
  3. Bond with loved onesskincare rituals are the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with friends or family – balancing our social and mental wellbeing
  4. Skincare as an act of kindnesssend your brain a powerful and positive message by taking care of yourself – you are worth it!

At Oleon Health and Beauty, our range of skincare products are developed with brand owners, formulators, and consumers in mind – offering products that contain gentle and comforting ingredients in line with our ethos of ‘a natural chemistry.’

When considering your new product development, why not include the mild and multi-functional products in our Jolee® Jellies portfolio or our new flagship ACT range, developed through enzymatic esterification – a truly sustainable and natural product solution.

Simply reach out to our Health & Beauty team today for more information. 

Green Chemistry is the heart of our company. We use bio-based materials to supply our customers with the most environment-friendly and safe products.

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