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Community involvement

At Oleon we believe in applying our sustainability motivation beyond our employees and working environment. As a socially engaged company, Oleon is involved in local communities. We illustrate this with the following, non-exhaustive examples of good practices:

Producing hand sanitizer for hospitals & healthcare institutions (Belgium)

After some adjustments in our production processes at the Oelegem plant in Belgium, we are able to produce hand sanitizer based on our own raw materials. Oleon has produced 20.000 liter to give to hospitals & healthcare institutions for free in order to fight Covid-19 together. 

Collecting food for the food bank (France)

At the Venette plant in France, several employees took part in the National Food Bank Collection, which took place in the Venette Carrefour shop, and resulted in the collection of 3,726 kg of food products for the Oise Food Bank. To follow up on the national collection, the Venette plant organized a collection at the production site at the beginning of December for the Banque Alimentaire de l'Oise, which resulted in an additional 112 kg of foodstuffs being collected.

Christmas presents for disadvantaged children (Germany)

At our plant in Emmerich, Germany a Christmas tree wish campaign was organized for the second time in a row. In cooperation with organizations that care for disadvantaged children, the children were able to submit wish lists. These were placed in the Christmas tree in the entrance area and could be taken by colleagues. All wish lists were removed within a day and little by little, the wrapped presents arrived under the Christmas tree.

Supporting SOS Children’s Villages (Belgium)

An analysis by SOS Children’s Villages has estimated that one in ten children worldwide has lost – or is at risk of losing – parental care. To attract host families and volunteers to help take care of these children, the Oleon Ertvelde plant in Belgium recently donated €2,350 to SOS Children's Villages, who, together with actor Christophe Haddad have started a recruitment campaign.

Caring for indigenous people (Malaysia)

Orang Asli is a collective term for 18 ethnic groups of about 150,000 native people in Malaysia. The majority of them live in rural areas. The poverty rate among Orang Asli is high, while the literacy rate is low. The Oleon team in Malaysia, together with Lam Soon Plantation organized a visit to 4 Orang Asli villages in Pahang, Malaysia. We contributed food supplies and spent some time connecting with the people, both old and young.



Green Chemistry is the heart of our company. We use bio-based materials to supply our customers with the most environment-friendly and safe products.

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