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Build a solid foundation with our innovative base ingredients & specialist chemicals

When developing new products, brands are faced with a myriad of ingredient choices and solutions. These can include emulsifiers to stabilize formulas and prevent ingredients from separating, preservatives with antimicrobial properties to lengthen shelf life, thickeners to enhance consistency, volume, and viscosity, and emollients with softening effects that trap moisture and reduce water loss.

It is therefore critical to partner with an ingredient supplier that understands your unique requirements, particularly around product consistency, texture, smell, and functionality.  

Read on as we highlight some of our innovative and high-performance ingredients that could assist you in formulating pioneering products - from the base up!

Glycerine & humectants

At Oleon Health and Beauty, we believe that glycerine is the underrated hero in skin and personal care formulations! As hydrophilic solvents, our two glycerin solutions are odorless, colorless, and non-toxic. Glycerine 4810 is typically used in creams and ointments, and is fully compliant for pharma applications, while Glycerine 4811 acts as an excellent humectant and hydrating agent in cosmetic formulations.

And, if you require a strong humectant, Radianol 4710 or propylene glycol might be what you are looking for. The product adds hydration without feeling heavy or oily and as it is sourced from rapeseed, is viewed as a more sustainable humectant and solvent solution with a high purity grade that conforms to USP and EP monographs

Emollients & skin conditioners

Designed to make the stratum corneum softer and more pliant by increasing hydration and trapping moisture, emollients, and skin conditioning agents are a vital part of moisturizing product formulations. At Oleon Health and Beauty, we have several options available, including Radiacid 0972 - a liquid skin conditioning agent and emollient for use in various applications targeting skin, sun, and hair care formulations. Our isosteric acid solution, Radiacid 0909  is a 100% vegetal-derived product. Its branched structure gives it a characteristic emollient and lipid feel that is non-greasy and soft on the skin. It can also add a great gloss when used in cosmetic formulations!

Color cosmetics  

When it comes to color cosmetics, color pigments must be properly dispersed before formulation to improve the aesthetics of the final product. The last thing you want is a product that appears dull, lumpy, and unappealing!1  At Oleon Health and Beauty, we have several solutions that will allow the color in your product to pop.

Radionol 1990 is a saturated fatty alcohol with two primary hydroxyl groups that shows great color and oxidative stability. Radionol 1990 is ideal for use in color cosmetics, including eyeliners, eye shadows, mascaras, lipsticks, glosses, foundations, and concealers – offering great color dispersant properties. Radianol 1980 an Isostearyl alcohol is another solution and is ideally used as an emollient base in various applications - highly regarded for its efficacy in color cosmetics.  If you are looking for a raw material that features high purity, excellent flexibility, and product stability our Radiacid 0976 is a 100% vegetable hydrogenated and distilled dimer acid, ideal for use in skin and hair care applications for film-forming properties and as a consistency agent.

Surfactants & emulsifiers

In the beauty industry, surfactants are used for cleansing, foaming, thickening, emulsifying, solubilizing, penetration enhancement, and anti-microbial effects, but their compatibility with both water and oil makes them useful in cosmetic formulations.2

Radiacid 0152, a stearic fatty acid can be used in wax applications, as a surfactant, and emulsifier in various applications - a veritable all-rounder. 

How Oleon Health and Beauty can help

We believe that choosing the right base ingredient or specialist chemical in your formulation can make or break your product. Our extensive range of solutions was developed to offer brands and developers a wide range of solutions – whether you are developing skin, hair, or other personal care products.

If you require technical and formulation advice and information, why not contact the Oleon Health and Beauty team today and make our indulgent and easy-to-use solutions for custom products or line extensions part of your formulation repertoire?  (hyperlink sales team)


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