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A new baby is a singular joy, but it can also be a surreal and overwhelming experience for parents and caregivers. While bonding with a new arrival can take time, the good news is that one of the best ways to facilitate this is through touch and massage!

It has been scientifically proven that gentle and rhythmic stroking of a baby’s skin can soothe not only the infant, but parents and caregivers too.1

While the full benefits of baby massage must still be discovered, doctors and nurses in pediatric intensive care units found that premature babies responded positively to massage, with a marked reduction in pain and stress, improved weight gain, feeding tolerance and neurodevelopment.2  

There are significant advantages for parents too, with those massaging their infants reporting less stress, generalized anxiety, and depression. Critically, they also adjusted to the needs of their baby more easily. Baby massage can also have a profound effect on new mothers, particularly during the first few days when ‘baby blues’ are a reality for many women.3

To maximize the myriad benefits of touch and massage, it is critical for brand owners to develop the finest in baby massaging oil and moisturizing products, taking care to focus on formulations that are safe and offer all the required sensory requirements, including the gorgeous skin feel, texture and aroma expected by parents.

Skin like no other

In infants, the stratum corneum or outer layer of skin is thinner, with significant differences in water handling and balance, natural moisturizing factors and skin lipid production in comparison with adult skin. Because of these developmental differences, a baby’s skin may be more sensitive to irritation and inflammation which could explain increased sensitivity and common issues such as atopic dermatitis.4

When it comes to caring for soft and delicate baby skin, parents naturally want to ensure that they are caring for their babies with the best products that will keep them moisturized, comfortable, sweet smelling and happy.

This requirement is an ideal opportunity for brand owners to develop pioneering emollients and massage oils that can meet these aspirations.

This sector is fast moving and innovative, and it is critical for brand owners, both large and small, to stay on top of the latest trends and regulations while meeting the exact requirements of parents - particularly when it comes to using ingredients that are sustainable and produced in a manner that is less harmful to the environment.

There is no room for error when it comes to baby products. To grow and build your reputation, it is critical to familiarize yourself with all the regulations for your product, whether baby oil, a body moisturizer, diaper cream, shampoo, or baby cleanser.

No compromise allowed

When it comes to baby product development, there are many aspects to consider such as ingredient safety, labelling and how these products can be marketed.5

Safety regulations and following industry best practice guidelines are critical to ensure that your product is as safe as possible. Different products are subject to different regulatory requirements. For instance, products that come directly in contact with the skin must comply with cosmetic regulations, and products intended for use by infants must meet the safety standards set by authorities in the various regions.6

Safety Regulations: These are put in place to protect babies from harmful materials and chemicals. All baby products must be made with safe materials that have been tested for toxicity and must be designed to minimize the risk of injury.7

Labelling regulations: Parents must have the right information to make an informed decision about the product they buy. Baby products must be clearly labelled with contact information for the manufacturer, a breakdown of the list of ingredients and any warnings or cautionary statements.8

Claims: Baby products must caution against making false or misleading claims during marketing and all claims must be science-backed. Accurate and complete labelling is a must, and all claims must include safety and performance data.9

Baby massage is a lovely way for new parents to bond with their babies. At Oleon Health and Beauty, we thrive on the opportunity to offer product developers the very latest in semi breathable barriers that are safe and gentle, using the best quality ingredients. This includes our start ingredient Jolee 7887, a natural water/oil emulsifier that provides long lasting moisturization for use in baby care products.

If you require formulation advice, reach out to our technical team now. We would love to hear from you!

Green Chemistry is the heart of our company. We use bio-based materials to supply our customers with the most environment-friendly and safe products.

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