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Driving positive beauty: for the people and the planet

We are in an era that embraces the ‘body positive’ movement, and brands are fast discovering the benefits of affirmative messaging including removing the word ‘normal’ from advertising and packaging.

The singular approach to beauty and wellness is no longer acceptable and we are recognizing the importance of helping one another and sharing our positive experiences to live a better life.

This is not only altering our perception of what constitutes ‘beauty’ in the long-term but is empowering a culture of open and honest conversation around body type, removing narrow ideals, and ending discrimination based on looks.

Additionally, it could allow discourse that is inclusive and more representative of a broader community of consumers. The removal of narrow beauty ‘labels’ could assist us to reconnect and feel part of a collective with shared ideals and aspirations.

Highlighted as part of Mintel’s 2023 Global BPC Trends1 report, positive beauty involves all consumers - regardless of age, gender, or life stage. When it comes to product development, marketing and packaging strategies, the stage is now set for honest conversations to help individuals find products that not only address their immediate beauty requirements, but those that could have a meaningful impact on their lives and the environment too.

So, do consumers really want this change? According to a survey* conducted by Unilever, 56% of individuals feel excluded by current definitions in the beauty and cosmetics industry, and 74% want to see it focus on not only making people look better but feel better about the products they use.

In addition, the Mintel report tells us that 72% of US consumers say that society’s idea of beauty is too rigidly defined, while 57% say beauty products should be more inclusive of consumers facing additional challenges, including mobility.2  

Taking the conversation further

At Oleon Health and Beauty, we applaud all initiatives that tackle harmful norms and stereotypes. We firmly believe that as sustainable and responsible ingredient suppliers we have a role to play in assisting brand owners to transition to a more inclusive sector, through the establishment of a ‘greener’ and more sustainable ingredient manufacturing industry.

We believe this could enable consumers to feel even better and more in control about the products they choose to use.

This means implementing processing changes - starting with how we source our raw materials, through manufacturing of ingredients, and right up to how we support our customers during formulation and new product development that answer to the positive beauty movement.

Consumers are rewarding brands that act on the climate, social and sustainability issues, and by offering a more positive experience across the supply chain, we can play our part in making this a reality for your brand too.

We believe in doing better, not just less harm. Our participation in the INCITE3 project is testament to our belief in challenging existing manufacturing practices and taking action to minimize our impact on the environment.

This approach can be seen in the launch of our ‘ACT’ range – our reformulation strategy for existing products in line with our focus on green chemistry through the use of enzymatic esterification and the development of natural, biodegradable, and regenerative ingredient portfolios.

As we move forward, Oleon will continue to focus on accelerating positive beauty in all its guises, through our science and technology programs, innovation partnerships and the transformation of how our products are designed and formulated. We believe that positive beauty is here to stay, and it is our chance to make a difference, for the people, and the planet!

*Unilever conducted a trial of 10 000 consumers in 9 countries.

Green Chemistry is the heart of our company. We use bio-based materials to supply our customers with the most environment-friendly and safe products.

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