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Oleon calls for an increase in green and sustainable sun care solutions

Sun care brand owners are being urged to rework/relook at their formulations in the face of increasing pressure on the health and viability of marine and fresh water sources.

The call from Oleon Health and Beauty (‘Oleon’), experts in converting natural fats and oils into speciality oleochemicals for the beauty and personal care industry, follows investigations1 into the effects of sun care and personal care products on delicate water and marine ecosystems.

Scientists believe that some of the chemicals found in sunscreen and other personal health products could threaten the health of not only coral reefs, but marine species in general.

Says Rune Daneels, product manager at Oleon Health and Beauty: “We know that our marine and freshwater assets are under pressure from certain chemicals and ingredients used in personal care products, particularly those found in sunscreens and body lotions. We therefore continually challenge ourselves and our partners to develop more sustainable solutions.

“When it comes to the health of our coastal coral reefs, wetlands, freshwater rivers, and lakes, we don't compromise on the quality and safety of our ingredients. Sustainability is and remains one of the most important drivers of our company ethos. This means that our ingredient offerings for sunscreen manufacturers do not contain harmful chemicals that could have a negative impact on water systems and marine life,” she explains.

According to information from the National Ocean Service2, sunscreen chemicals can affect marine life by impairing growth and photosynthesis in green algae. It can furthermore induce bleaching, damage, and deform, kill, and change the DNA of coral while inducing defects in young mussels, and decrease fertility and reproduction in male fish and dolphins – even transferring this issue to their young. Some of the biggest chemical culprits include Oxybenzone, Benzophenone 1, Octinoxate and Octocrylene, amongst others.

“As one of the leading companies in Europe for the production of chemicals based on bio-based ingredients, we constantly work at finding the ideal balance between technical performance and environmental awareness. Our products meet the most stringent market requirements and comply with the latest environmental legislation due to the biodegradability and renewability of our raw materials.

“Our focus on greener and sustainable bio-based ingredients is not negotiable. This is echoed by our ACT range of products, manufactured through enzymatic esterification. By making use of natural enzymes, we can now offer brand owners solutions that are not only more sustainable, but healthier for the environment too,” Rune concludes.

For more information on Oleon’s range of natural ingredients for use during the formulation of sunscreen and personal care products, contact the Oleon Health & Beauty team now: info@oleonhealthandbeauty.com

Green Chemistry is the heart of our company. We use bio-based materials to supply our customers with the most environment-friendly and safe products.

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