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Oleon showcases latest sustainability innovations for a greener beauty industry at SCS Formulate

Oleon Health & Beauty (‘Oleon’), specialists in converting natural fats and oils into a wide range of products, including fatty acids, glycerine, esters, dimers, technical oils, and speciality oleochemicals, will be attending this year’s highly anticipated UK cosmetics show, SCS Formulate (SCS).

The event will be held from 15 to 16 November 2022 at the Coventry Society Arena.

SCS is the largest event of its kind in the UK and highlights a range of formulation services, ingredients and raw materials for personal care and cosmetic products. This year Oleon will be focusing on its participation in the INCITE project and the launch of its highly anticipated range of Jolee® Jellies.

“With sustainability on everyone’s lips, we are proud to be associated with the INCITE project, aimed at the creation of a more flexible and sustainable chemical sector in Europe. The focus of the project is to move the chemical and ingredient industry from a chemical catalytic system to one that embraces enzymatic esterification in both up and downstream processing,” Rune Daneels, product manager at Oleon explains. “We have achieved great success during the project with the development of two products that we feel could significantly impact on sustainability.”

Enzymatic Isopropyl Palminate and Enzymatic Isoamyl Laurate are esters produced by an enzymatic process, offering a lower reaction temperature and pressure than conventional chemical reactions. “This could significantly decrease a manufacturer’s environmental footprint while offering products with a lower odor score and fewer VOCs,” she points out.

“We are also thrilled to introduce our range of Jolee® Jellies to the market - a fantastic alternative to traditional petrochemical ingredients. The range offers an impressive sensory and textural feel and can add lightness and bounce to beauty and personal care products – bringing the fun factor back into skincare,” Rune notes.

The range was developed as an innovative product replacement for waterless and transparent solutions, enabling formulators to develop truly multi-functional products that can be used in body, face, and haircare items.

“Jolee® 7798 presents as a liquid oil and thickened transparent emollient that offers a soft skin feel with easy spreadability. It contains excellent pigment dispersing agents and is a viable and green alternative to high viscous dimethicone. We can highly recommend its use in colour cosmetics as it offers outstanding pigment dispersing agents, but it is also ideal for the development of sun care products due to its high UV filter capability,” she says. This product is now commercially available with full technical data, safety, and regulatory information and samples on request.

Rune continues, “As a gel, Jolee® 7799 features a higher viscosity and acts as a rheological modifier, enabling new product developers to structure formulations that offer consistency even when adjusting viscosity for different formulation requirements. Jolee® 7799 also offers a unique sensory profile as its viscosity decreases on application while its water resistance and film forming properties makes it an ideal product to use in sun care and colour cosmetics.” Although Jolee® 7799 is still in the development phase, its technical datasheet is complete, and samples are also available on request.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand located at 311 to discuss new product development requirements; share insights of our wonderful sustainability journey with the INCITE project and offer formulation advice using our new range of Jolee® Jellies. For more information simply email us to set up a meeting at rune.daneels@oleon.com,” Rune concludes.

Green Chemistry is the heart of our company. We use bio-based materials to supply our customers with the most environment-friendly and safe products.

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