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Sustainable palm policy : Avril&Oleon engaged in a field program for forest protection in Indonesia

Since 2016, Avril has adopted Earthworm Foundation's(EF) approach known as VTTV for Values, Transparency, Transformation and Verification. After having formalized its policy (values) and set up a traceability of purchases (transparency), Avril is now involved in the transformation phase towards zero deforestation by supporting actions in the field.

The first project supported, the APT program aims to preserve 4 large forest areas in Indonesia, many of which are recognized as biosphere reserves by UNESCO. EF's work consists in mobilizing all the actors of the territory (local government, communities, large plantations and small producers...) to achieve concerted management and stop deforestation.

During their field visit, Marjan, Annie and Clément will be able to exchange directly with all these stakeholders and with employees from other companies, sometimes customers or suppliers of the Avril Group who are also involved in the project.

Clément Tostivint sums it up as follows:

"Supporting sustainability actions directly with our suppliers, rather than buying RSPO credits, is the new direction taken in our sustainable palm policy and the internal standard that goes with it. The APT project is fully in line with this logic and other projects are to come.”

Green Chemistry is the heart of our company. We use bio-based materials to supply our customers with the most environment-friendly and safe products.

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