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PRODUCTS Radia Radia 7207

Radia 7207

INCI Propylene glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate
CAS number 68583-51-7
Physical form Liquid
Formulations Skin
    Protective W/O Baby cream
    Body gel cream
    Moisturizing hand cream
    BB cream W/O

Monopropylene glycol is widely present in the market as a synthetic molecule. Today, Oleon produces the molecule out of vegetable based glycerin and is producing 100% natural alternative propylene glycol esters. Radia 7207 has the same sensorial features as its petrochemical version. The good spread, absorption and unique lightness are not missing in the natural Radia 7207. The emollient is experienced as non-oily upon application and results in a unique smooth after feel.