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Jolee 7777


When an emulsion made with Jolee 7777 is spread onto the skin, a clear transition is observed: the first impression is the external O/W emulsion, spreading nicely with a watery fresh feel. Near the end of the spreading, the second impression is the internal W/O emulsion; forming a nourishing film on the skin. As Jolee 7777 consists of non-oily components, it is ideal for the development of lighter formulations like liquid sprays.


Sun care products are expected to remain on the skin even after water exposure or perspiration. Creating a W/O/W emulsion with Jolee 7777 will improve film forming properties and water resistance of your formulation compared to a regular O/W emulsion. The  water resistance of an O/W emulsion containing 3% of a regular O/W emulsifier (glyceryl oleate citrate SE) and a W/O/W emulsion containing 3% Jolee 7777 were compared.




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