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PRODUCTS Jolee Jolee 7887

Jolee 7887

INCI Polyglyceryl-3 polyricinoleate (and) Sorbitan isostearate
CAS number 68936-89-0, 71902-01-7
Physical form Liquid
Specialty 100% natural, chemical stability, cold process
Formulations Skin
    W/O Baby cream
    Protective W/O Baby cream
    Firming serum W/O
    Protective baby care W/O
    Hydrating body lotion W/O         show more...
    Sun protect SPF 40 W/O
    Protective hair oil
    BB cream W/O

This PEG-free emulsifier is experienced as a good skin protector which provides long lasting moisturization. It improves spreading and the penetration of actives while adding a glossy appearance to the end formulation. It is a versatile emulsifier which can mainly be used for face,
body, baby and sun care.