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Jolee 7931

Jolee 7931 is derived from 100% natural raw materials. It is readily biodegradable, toxicologically safe and acts as a PEG-free surfactant. Due to its good solubilizing properties, it can be used to solubilize perfume, essential oils, or oils in aqueous solutions – and thus often used as a green alternative for polysorbate 20 or PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil. It can also be used cold process co-emulsifier for Oil-in-Water (O/W) emulsions.

INCI Polyglyceryl-4-caprate (and) Aqua
CAS number 74504-65-7
Physical form Liquid

Green Chemistry is the heart of our company. We use bio-based materials to supply our customers with the most environment-friendly and safe products.

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