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ESDW, our commitment towards the UN SDGs: Zero Hunger & Life below water

Oleon commits to helping eradicate hunger and to protect life below water, two very important topics. In the agricultural sector, a mixture of water, pesticides and adjuvants are used to protect the crops. An adjuvant consists of surfactants and solvents which improve the efficiency of the pesticides. At Oleon, we commit to developing greener and more effective adjuvants in partnership with agrochemical companies. These adjuvants can have several functionalities such as: anti-drift, anti-foaming, higher retention on the leaf, rain resistance, etc. Because of the efficiency of these products, farmers use fewer pesticides, ensuring healthier and more sustainable crop.

Not only on land, but also below water, Oleon commits to protecting life. Oleon offers a wide range of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) that carry the European Ecolabel. Being a company of which being green is one of the key assets, Oleon is and always has been a market leader for Ecolabel registered ester base oils. Currently, more than 25 Radialube® products are on the Lubricant Substance Classification list (LuSC) for Ecolabel registered raw materials.

Interested in learning more about our CSR policy? Contact our colleagues at csr@oleon.com.

Green Chemistry is the heart of our company. We use bio-based materials to supply our customers with the most environment-friendly and safe products.

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