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Moisturizing skincare that helps beat the winter cold

While skin health is important all year round, consumers must be extra vigilant during the winter months when cold and extreme weather conditions can play havoc with the delicate skin microbiome.

At Oleon Health and Beauty (‘Oleon’), we realise the importance of building a strong skin barrier. Our range of beauty and personal care ingredients are designed to go that extra mile, enabling formulators to develop the perfect product to target the ravages of dry, chapped, and rough skin.

But how does wintry weather affect the skin and what routines should consumers follow for a smooth and hydrated visage?

Cold, extreme weather and harsh winds are among the biggest contributors to dry skin. During winter, outdoor humidity drops - stripping the skin of its natural moisturizing oils.

Consumers also spend more time indoors – where forced air and heaters and radiators can decrease humidity. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended that that a humidifier is used to pump moisture back into the air.

Another often overlooked factor is the lack of natural sunlight during the harsh winter months. Sunlight can function as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and according to the World Health Organization1, moderate sun exposure might help treat several skin conditions often associated with winter, including xerosis (dry and irritated skin).

During the colder seasons, eczema becomes more prevalent too, manifesting as itchy, dry, and reddish patches or lesions on the skin. This condition can vary in severity but it a challenging condition to manage and can significantly impact on the sufferer’s self-esteem.

To combat the problem of winter skin, Oleon offers a versatile and unique range of Jolee® and Radia® esters that are an excellent choice when formulating moisturizers and skincare products. These products offer valuable moisturizing benefits but without perceived greasiness, while ensuring a unique sensorial touch.

How to treat winter-damaged skin

The most important factor when dealing with winter skin is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Not all moisturizers are created equally and in winter you might need a product that is heavier. This will offer extra barrier protection, keeping it hydrated with a softening film on the skin. It also means cutting back on exfoliating scrubs, face masks, and steam treatments to further reduce skin barrier damage.

Emollient rich moisturizers can smooth the surface of the skin as they fill the spaces between skin cells where there has been a loss of moisture. Here, Oleon’s unique Jolee 7202 - Oleon Health and Beauty and Jolee 7750 - Oleon Health and Beauty low and high viscosity silicone alternatives can help seal moisture into the skin – offering a protective barrier or film - reducing damage from environmental factors.2

Do not forget the sensitive eye area – which can always use a little extra nourishment in winter. As the skin around the eye is particularly delicate, an eye cream is the perfect way of smoothing, moisturising, and refreshing delicate skin.3

Moisturizers are the ideal vehicle to keep the skin hydrated and consumers are never too young to start a winter skin regime. New product developers would be wise to develop ranges that cater to the challenges of winter skin for the younger demographic.

At Oleon, our range of high-quality raw materials will enable you create a diverse portfolio of moisturizing products to tackle the challenges of winter skin. We can help you keep abreast of all the latest product developments, simply email us at healthandbeauty@oleon.com for more information.



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