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PRODUCTS Jolee Jolee 7750

Jolee 7750

INCI Isoamyl laurate
CAS number 6309-51-9
Physical form Liquid
Specialty Practical in use, high wetting power, natural building blocks
Formulations Skin
    Soft day cream
    Natural soft day cream
    Night repair cream
    Two phase make up remover
    Massage oil                                     show more...
    High covering lipstick
    Color wear conditioner
    Natural hair rinse-off
    Natural hair mask
    Ecocert conditioner
    Ecocert hair tip serum             show more...
    Beard oil
    Cooling eye roller
    Mustache wax

Jolee 7750 is a natural emollient with silicon-like sensorial properties. It is built from fully natural building blocks via esterification and results into a readily biodegradable product. This emollient is a very light ester that is easily absorbed, without leaving any residual shine or greasiness on the skin. The polar oil is practical in use, suitable for cold or hot processes and has perfect qualities for skin care and color cosmetics.